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Geecon, geecula and a mug

Behold, here comes my review of a geecon, the best java conference I’ve ever been to.

Jürgen Appelo – The 7 Duties of Great Software Professionals

This guy has got a huge ego. Good for him. He talked a lot about what is important for achieving a success and most importantly I would say – inner happiness. His talk was quite inspiring, he presented his own way how he’s come to understand himself. It took him 15 years to feel perfectly comfortable in who he is and what he does.

What I’ve taken from his talk is basicly the urgent need for a concrete definition and understanding of my basic motivations and needs. I need to know more precisely who I am and what I want. After I have these basic answers, I can appropriately modify my current behaviour. I can focus more on doing what fulfils my needs and I can abandon what just distracts me. And what is most important – I know WHY I do that.

Being compressed in a few lines of text, his thoughts may sound like a trivial statements. Maybe they are. But still it’s a shame that we do pay so little attention to them. I would say the basic message here is: Are you ready to be a little more disciplined in exchange for a lot more happiness?

The Social Developer

Kind of similar to Jürgen Appelo’s opening keynote, but presented in a more humble way.
Think how to get some more joy out of my life.
There are some keywords that might help – like mastery, autonomy, purpose.
Motivation: Decide on what is most important for me and:

  • Achieve mastery in what I want to do.
  • Be autonomous in what I do. Do things my way.
  • Think of purpose of every single action I do.

Invest in myself. – Get better knowledge, get better working environment etc.

Leave my comfort zone. – Really? Not sure about it. Finally I understand this as an urge to explore new things, new places or new people. Well, this is something I could be more involved into. And no doubt I might profit on it.

Inspiration in big companies:

  • Google – 20% freeride time (booooring)
  • Attlasian – 20% freeride + Shipit days (deliver one feature in 24 hours)
  • ROWE – result only work environment (work anytime/anywhere you want, only result matters)

Be leader, not boss – cool









Marek Matczak – AngularJS: Java developer’s real-life experiences

JavaScript must be taken seriously as well as Java.
Angular is a client side MVC framework.
Presentation made with a Jsbin – nice online editing and debugging tool –
Batarang – Chrome plugin for better debugging
Protractor – end to end testing for angular apps –
Angular used as a part of a real-life project. They were satisfied, it did what they want. More libs they used: spring-mvc, spring-security, jackson, hibernate.

José Valim – Idioms for building distributed apps with Elixir

Elixir is a programming language based on Erlang –
The paradigm is the same as in Erlang. Small processes, message communication, supervisor processes.
The app consists of a group of processes.
Using Erlang/Elixir requires different view on a creating apps. We are not used to this. It needs some effort to switch..

NodeJS For Java Developers

NodeJS and Angular work well together.
Presented in Netbeans that provides proper support for the frameworks.
Data validation:

 …and a mug

Finally, we all got this nice thing.

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